Serendipity: Edinburgh’s New Music & Art Night



There’s no shortage of great music, great art & generally great entertainment for us to enjoy here in Edinburgh but it’s always nice to see something new start up. There are also quite a few ‘multi-genre’ events here, & Serendipity fits neatly into that bracket. Combining art & music in one evening at La Belle Angele, Serendipity kicks off on Wednesday 15 June & before launch night we had a quick word with founder Irene Hernández, known as Pelochita Peliz.

As ever on 7ahead we say, yes, have a read, but more importantly go along to these nights and support the musicians, artists, venues and people like Pelochita who are courageous enough to put them on!

1) Quite simply, what is Serendipity all about?

In three words, Serendipity is about “discovering, sharing and cooperating”. It’s about joining music and creative communities in one; it’s about creating an arty space where people can delight their senses by listening to music and seeing an art exhibition, where they can feel surrounded by a creative vibe and a cosy environment.

On one hand, Serendipity will make attendees discover new artists that they will love, and they could not have otherwise found. On the other hand, artists will be able to foster their music and art and get known in Edinburgh. Scotland has many quality bands and artists and Serendipity wants to bring them together!

Furthermore, Serendipity looks for collaboration between the artists in order to make them work together and create “super works” by interacting and swapping ideas, adding new perspectives and making something different. Serendipity searches for a joined community that goes beyond disciplines and genres, aiming to achieve something different, something bigger.

2) With Edinburgh hosting festivals such as Hidden Door and LeithLate, do you think there’s something of a resurgence in multi-arts events such as Serendipity? And if so, why?

Indeed, I think we are starting to see such a resurgence in multi-arts events. I believe festivals such as Hidden Door and LeithLate, as well as Serendipity, have arisen in order to break barriers and offer something unique, something that overcomes the individualism of specific art disciplines and explores new possibilities, new ways of seeing and living art and creativity, new ways of sharing and cooperating, of enriching people’s lives and broadening interests.

3) How excited are you for the headliner, The Mona Lisas?

I am very excited about The Mona Lisas, although I am also very excited about The Dicksons and Festa. I love all my artists!

Regarding bands, I picked them because of what their music makes me feel, as I think music is about feelings, about what it transmits and what it makes you feel. When I listened to them the first time I closed my eyes, focusing only on how they sound, and both of them made me smile, both of them made me feel something!

Besides, both bands videos and related artwork are quite characterful and remarkable, something I really like!

The Mona Lisas is a band that have experience and they are getting bigger and better. What I like most about them is that when you listen the first song, you want to keep listening more and more, you want to know more about them.

The Dicksons are a very new band, they had their first gig in late 2015, but they caught my attention only a few seconds after I started to listen to them. They have huge potential and I definitely want to help them to get known as I reckon they have a nice future ahead.

4) What was the process in picking your artist for the night, Festa?

Basically I posted an advert looking for artists, Festa was one of the first people to apply and as soon as I checked her work, I knew I wanted her for the launch. She is a multidisciplinary and high skilled artist, with a wide and diverse range of artistic creations. Her art is striking, colourful and full of emotion. Besides, when I talked to her about the Serendipity concept and what I wanted to do, she got very exited as she believes in Serendipity’s philosophy and she thinks art and music are inseparable.

5) Is your love of combining art and music related to your work as a graphic designer?

Definitely it is! For me, music is indispensable; the soundtrack of life and it’s always a muse for creativity to flourish. As our slogan says: Music & Art goes always Hand In Hand.

6) Of course a good promoter will say that you just need to come along to find out but our readers will be intrigued to know how you are going to combine art and music on the night itself?

In fact, this is what I should say, however I want to be transparent and friendly with our audience, but I don’t want to reveal everything, therefore I will say; attendees will find both gigs and the art exhibition in the same space, as we said it will be all under one roof. They will be able to clearly see the exhibition before and after the gigs, as well as during the gig breaks. During gigs the exhibition will still be open, but giving prominence to the bands while they play.

7) Perhaps it’s too soon but are there any plans for another night in the pipeline and, if so, will it be at La Belle Angele again?

Indeed, we have plenty of artists interested in playing. We have already programmed another Serendipity for the 20th July and another one on the 3rd of August and we aim to start having two per month from September onward. We will be announcing our July and August artists very soon!!!

Yes, as the name says its “Serendipity at La Belle Angele”. It’s this venue that has believed in me and in Serendipity and it’s La Belle Angele that has made the development of this project possible, so I will be loyal to them and we will keep having our events there. I don’t discard that in a future if Serendipity grows and other venues ask me to hold them, to consider holding a Serendipity at another venue, but La Belle Angele will be always first and it should be with their consent!

Here’s a quick taster of The Mona Lisas ….

Check for more details and info!

Huge thanks to Pelochita for sparing us the time to answer these questions and to get tickets for the night head to